sold-review for: 11716 Leavenworth DR

11716 Leavenworth Dr. was a dream come true for any seller’s agent and especially a neighborhood expert like me.  The Sellers bought this home through me approximately 10 years ago and have loved the home and done some significant improvements to it over the years.

In addiition they followed my marketing plan to the letter and did an excellent job of partnering with me as we prepared the home for the marketing “burst”.  Together we completed a variety of pre-market tasks and the home really shined as the launch date approached.

The 3d scan of Leavenworth really showed off the interior and was a valuable tool to buyers who were considering homes from out of state.  

There was no question in my mind that this home would sell fast but it was important to make sure we got the pricing right.   There was a pretty good sized gap in the market in the high $400k’s to low $500k range that I thought the home could perform well in–at the top of that range.  We wanted to attract the most buyers but at a price that would compell action not simply be  “in the running” or a “close second place”.

Interestingly at $520,000 this home represents the highest price per square foot of any home sold in Kings Valley in at least the last 6 months.  And while it wasn’t “perfect” it offered stunning views of Staunton State Park.  I was cautiously optimistic as my marketing team started the 8z Preview Program while we finished the final details of the home prior to our official launch date.  

After reviewing the photography I realized the exterior picture wasn’t the best and so I brought a drone to the house to take an aerial view.  

Likewise, during the preview period I invited and allowed some local agents to take a look as well to provide some feedback on the pricing.  It turns out that one of the agents had a buyer ready to jump on a home like this and they were in the right place at the right time!  The home was under contract before I could even host my open house on the official launch date!  In general when I present a pre-launch offer to Sellers I encourage them to consider that early activity is often a sign of a potential multiple offer scenario with the potential of prices higher than list price.  But this offer was so clean and fast that the Seller was compelled to accept.  We closed yesterday, 17 days after contracting!